Who We Are

Huriah Hemp is a non-profit mission-led fashion brand and print shop using creative design to raise social awareness and empower communities.

Through our clothing and upcycling workshops, we want to enable a world where fashion heals people and planet.

The word ‘Huriah’ is the Arabic word for ‘freedom’. Our vision is to inspire Huriah in others to be activists and truth seekers who are outspoken and irrepressible!

Much like the hemp plant we encourage a resilient and growth mindset, overcoming any climate to grow beyond our imagination!

What We Do

Huriah uses 100% of its profits to ensure we can keep developing future change makers!

The money we make selling our clothing funds our creative art workshops that empower young leaders and enable them to become agents for change in their communities.

we are an #EbayForChange Seller

  • Saif Bhoja

    Managing Director

    Growing up I did not understand the concept of creativity, I thought it was something you were born with, but boy was I wrong. Discovering my passion for social change I married the two together and Huriah was born! On this journey I have learnt to print clothing in different ways and work with a great team delivering a positive impact to our local London communities and beyond!

  • Runa Jefferis

    Digital Operations Manager

    An aspiring Digital Marketer within the fashion industry. My interests are in fashion, experiencing culture and watching documentaries until stupid times in the morning.

  • Gabriella

    Graphic Designer

    Gabriella is the in house graphic designer at Huriah Hemp. She helps facilitate the screen-printing workshops at Huriah along with practising her screen-printing at a studio in Brighton.

  • Catherine Singh

    Social Media Coordinator

    2 words: Content Creation. If it has anything to do with creating and editing, I’m there. With 3+ years in this industry, I’m still learning something new everyday. In my free time, catch me watching (mainly old) films.