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What does Huriah mean?
The word ‘Huriah’ is the Arabic word for ‘freedom’. Our vision is to inspire Huriah in others to be activists and truth seekers who are outspoken and irrepressible! 
How do you manufacture your clothes?
Our hemp products are made in renewable energy run factories and use non-toxic dyes. We enjoy working with suppliers who respect the earth and the people that live on it, replenishing the earth rather than taking from it and paying all workers a living wage.
Why Hemp?
Hemp is a miracle crop! It uses less water, produces more yield, replenishes soils, creates stronger products and adjusts to the climate. But unfortunately it doesn't get you high... Learn more about hemp on our social media @huriahhemp
Do you print your own designs?
Yes, we print all of our products in-house with eco-freindly inks! We also offer this service to any other brands and businesses.